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Help usSo far, Champa Foundation website has received comments of Champa visitors all around the world. The foundation has no political aims but the aim to assist the Champa orphans taken by poverty and forgotten by the people around.,

We’d like to take all your advices to consider and open an account to financially help the children for a better life. This decision is made by all of you, I have to mention especially the people living so far away from their homeland.We also have a page “How to help Champa orphans” in order to bridge between the sources and the children, so they can fulfill their dream of schooling, learning about the cultures, and training of skills so they can help each other and later help the children sharing the same circumstances.

For the children to live and love as they wish and as we hope they can be, we’re looking for your kind supports for our Champa children, hoping that they can can overcome the time of miserable history, build bridges across the nations, join hands for a united Champa as we long to be.

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